Getting Married? Now’s a Good Time to Consider Life Insurance

Getting Married? Now’s a Good Time to Consider Life Insurance

It is no secret Americans are waiting longer and longer to tie the knot. It may be a surprise, however, to realize how much longer young people are waiting to get married. Today the average woman is 27 when they first get married while men are 29. That is up from 23 and 26 respectively in 1990. It is really eye opening to realize that in 1960, the average age of a woman at first marriage was just 20 and men were averaging 22 years old.

This has some interesting impacts as couples are waiting longer to buy a home and will ultimately have less time together following marriage. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the importance of life insurance once one gets married.

Marriage is a good time to consider getting, or increasing, life insurance for several reasons. Married couples are now responsible for each other, both emotionally and financially. There may be more financial responsibilities like a mortgage, car payments, credit card payments and student loans. With more couples both employed outside the home, these financial responsibilities are often significant. Children may already, or soon be involved. Couples should also be looking forward to protecting and investing in their financial futures and even retirements.

There are other advantages to reviewing your life insurance upon getting married as well. You can make sure your beneficiary is up-to-date. Life insurance is also less expensive when purchased young. Our independent life insurance agents can help.

Our agents can help guide you through the differences and benefits of both term life insurance and permanent insurance. They will discuss your current situation and your financial goals. They will then search out various insurance companies who can best provide the protection you deserve. There is no-obligation.

Whether you presently have life insurance or will be securing it for the first time, we can help. Simply contact us and answer a few simple questions. We can quickly get you competitive quotes. If you are getting married, take the time to review your life insurance coverage. We would be pleased to assist you.

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